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All goods manufactured by Osmond Brothers is made by me in my workshop in Brockville, Ontario in the heart of the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River.

I utilize rugged vegetable tanned and latigo leathers for long lasting durability and a no-nonsense, traditional aesthetic. Holding the leather together is thick 3 ply thread, stitched entirely by hand, a method that offers increased durability when compared to a conventional machine stitch. All edges are burnished and waxed.

We often forget that leather is in fact the skin of an animal, an animal that lived a life full of everyday bumps and bruises. The resulting leather shares that story in the form of blemishes and imperfections, for the most part adding to the character of the finished piece. It’s then up to the user to add to that unique story, through years of their own everyday bumps and bruises.

Waxed canvas goods are constructed from renowned Martexin Original Wax #10 Duck Canvas and is machine stitched.