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Osmond Brothers Mfg. Co. offers a range of handmade carry goods with emphasis placed on smart design, aesthetics, and longevity through the use of traditional materials such as leather and canvas, and time-honoured construction methods. Designed and handcrafted in Canada.


Osmond Brothers Mfg. Co. is a culmination of a childhood immersed in old world traditions and a career focused on modern design.

My name is Zac Osmond and I grew up on the north east coast of Newfoundland, in the outport fishing community of Twillingate Island. Everyday life on this isolated, rugged shore echos traditions of centuries past and a resourcefulness forced upon by a harsh and unforgiving environment.

When I left the island, it was to study Industrial Design in Ottawa, Ontario.  Once completed, I spent the next half a decade designing softgoods and apparel for the kayaking industry. The experience was priceless, but from a design standpoint I became somewhat disengaged due to the nature of overseas manufacturing.

I found I was being drawn to the hands-on processes involved in small scale, local production, and to the materials that hold a more direct link to the natural world and past cultures.

I’ve been learning constantly since starting this venture, starting with the basics: saddle-stitching leather by hand using an awl, finishing edges by hand, and tweaking designs. With production of this nature, the process is truly just as integral to the final product as the sum of its physical parts.  


What's with the sailboat, and where's your Brother?


The sailboat in the logo is in fact a typical Newfoundland fishing schooner. Some of my ancestors built them, some owned them, most sailed them.

I do have a brother. Apart from being one of my best friends and a constant source of inspiration, he has little to do with the company. “Osmond Brothers Ltd.” was a merchant business established by my Great-Great Grandfather in 1854. At its peak, Osmond Brothers owned a fleet of schooners and traded Newfoundland salted cod with Portugal and the West Indies. Since the collapse of the cod fishery, the Osmond Brothers schooners have rotted, and the buildings that remain lay dormant.

I chose the name to pay homage to my ancestors who made due with what little they had and who took immense risks to make a life for themselves in an unforgiving land.